POL Directory

PURPOSE: The directory arranges POL by category or by old- style directory listing.

CONTENT: This page contains the following help information:

Navigating in POL

The POL home page also contains the main navigation for the site. Main resources located in the top left corner include:


Note: When you are currently viewing a page in POL, the page title is highlighted in dark gold on the main navigation bar. The image shown above indicates that the user is currently viewing the POL home page.

Personal resources are located in the top right corner. These include:

  • Account Info: Utilities for changing your password, account name, and e-mail address  (available only when you are signed on to POL).
  • Help: Descriptions of screens and features and how to use them.
  • Log On/Off: Utility for signing on/off POL.

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Changing how you see the directory content 

The directory can be viewed using the new categories or by using the old-style POL headings. The default view is by category.

To switch to the POL headings, click Show directory of sites.

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Using the Search Engine

The new search engine on POL is better at finding the documents you need, and you can more easily refine your search characteristics. For more information on using the new search engine, see POL Search Engine Help

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Signing Off of POL

Ending your session with POL is easier than ever. Before closing your browser, click Log Off on the top right corner of the screen.

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