MyPOL Home Page

PURPOSE: Once you have signed on to POL, the MyPOL Home Page becomes your entry point for all the resources and services housed on POL. This page has been developed to allow you to choose the resources you use most and arrange them in a way that works best for you.

CONTENT: This page contains the following help information:

Navigating in POL

The MyPOL home page also contains the main navigation for the site. Main resources located in the top left corner include:

  • Home: Default home page for POL. This is the page you will see if you are not signed on.
  • Mail & Calendar: Your Lotus Notes e-mail and calendar.
  • Directory: A map of POL that lists the resources in both the old and new styles.
  • Search: Search engine capable of locating phrases in entirety or by custom selection.


Left navigation.

Note: When you are currently viewing a page in POL, the page title is highlighted in dark gold on the main navigation bar. The image shown above indicates that the user is currently viewing the POL home page.

Personal resources are located in the top right corner. These include:


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Introduction to agents

Agents can help you to organize your resources on POL and get your work done more efficiently. Working with agents is much like working with windows on your PC. They can be opened and closed, rearranged, or customized.

Bullet You can open, close, and "hide" agents just like the windows on your desktop PC. In the top right corner of each agent on the MyPOL page, you'll find a Close button and a Hide button. PHstock agent.
Bullet Clicking the Close button will remove the agent from your work area. Clicking the Hide button will collapse the agent. PHstock agent.
Bullet Some agents also feature links to their respective sites (indicated by the white arrow to the left of the name). Click the arrow or the title of the agent to open that site in a new window. PHstock agent.

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Adding Content 

You can choose what appears on MyPOL by clicking Content in the top right corner of the screen. In the content menu that appears, select which resources you want by clicking the checkbox to the left of the resource name as shown below.

Bullet When you have selected all of the resources you want to add to the MyPOL page, click Save . The system will add the resources as agents on the MyPOL page.

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Customizing Agents 

Some agents allow you to customize content. For example, the MSNBC News agent allows you to specify which headlines you want to appear in the agent.

Bullet To customize an agent, click Edit in the top right corner.





Bullet A window where you can make selections appears. Choose what you want to see by clicking the checkboxes. When you're finished, click OK . After a few moments, the system will refresh your page with the content changes.



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Arranging Agents 

MyPOL is arranged into four sections: a top frame, a bottom frame, a left frame, and a right frame. The top and bottom frames span the entire width of the screen, while the left and right frames appear on either side. You can use any combination of frames to arrange your content, and you can place any agent in any of the four frames.

To arrange your screen, click Layout in the top right on the screen. 

Working with the agents within a frame
Bullet Select the agent you want to move by clicking its name.
Bullet To move the agent within the frame, click the arrows on the right side of the frame display.

Up/down arrows.

Bullet You can also indicate whether you want the selected agent to have a blue window-style border. To turn the border off, click the Display selection in a frame checkbox. 

Moving an agent to another frame
Bullet Click the change column arrows at the bottom of the layout utility to change which column the agent appears in.

Layout utility.

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Using the Search Engine

The new search engine on POL is better at finding the documents you need, and you can more easily refine your search characteristics. For more information on using the new search engine, see POL Search Engine Help

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Changing Account Information 

Using the Account Info link, you can change your password, user name, and e-mail address within the POL system. To change your password, click Change your password and follow the instructions on the page that appears.

To change your name or e-mail address, type your new information over the information that is displayed and click Save.

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Signing Off of POL

Ending your session with POL is easier than ever. Before closing your browser, click Log Off on the top right corner of the screen.

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Pop Up Tooltips

Hover over the links in the upper right corner, and a 'tooltip' will appear to give you more infomation on that specific link.
Only available for Content, Layout, and Account Info links.

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